Moonman's Mistress

Your cleanest much to the moon!

We've gone to the moon and back to ensure our hand-crafted treats are not only clean for your body, but also taste worthy. All of our ingredients are intelligently chosen, locally sourced & quality tested to provide you with the healthiest medicinal edible available. So, whether you have dietary restrictions or simply gravitate towards high quality ingredients, you can trust Moonman's Mistress to deliver the cleanest and most delicious munch to the moon!


Q:  How do I know your product is safe for my body? 

A:  All of our products are tested by CW Analytical Labs in Oakland, CA to ensure highest quality standards are met for safe consumption.


Q:  How long do your products last?

A:  Our hand-crafted treats have an optimum freshness shelf life of a month. We only use ingredients that are good for your body and don’t believe in preservatives. We cannot guarantee an amazing experience if you leave our products out for months.


Q:  Do you use any preservatives in your products?

A:  We do not use any preservatives in our products. We strongly believe in using natural, organic, Non-GMO, quality ingredients good for your body and stay away from man made chemicals and the likeness.


Q:  How should the treats be stored?

A:  All of our hand-crafted treats should be stored somewhere dry and cool. Please remember to reseal your products after opening the package to retain maximum freshness.

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